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Where Are the Dragons?  by Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Requires one versatile story teller and six dragons (stuffed are okay, but live are preferable).  Not intended for verbatim reading, better with some ad-libbing.


This is a Christmas story not told.  History didn’t record it.  You’ve all heard the story of the shepherds showing up for the party in the manger after Jesus was born.  Well, they’re not the only ones who were invited.  Lots of others were invited to.  Including a flock of dragons. But they didn’t make it into the story because they never showed up, even though they did RSVP. 


RSVPing an antiquated polite tradition of responding to someone when they send you an invitation to an event.  As far back as when Jesus was born people were really bad about RSVPing for events.  But the dragons got their invitations, and they RSVP’d, but then they didn’t show up.  You know who did show up?  Those wise men!  They weren’t even on the original invitation list, but they made it past the security.  But everyone welcomed them because hospitality is all about welcoming ALL guests. 


Anyway, the flock of dragons were invited and set out for their journey to Bethlehem to see the new baby.  There was Gwendela who was their leader, Pink, Ruji, Whimsey, Douglas, and Spark (with a roar!).  They were very motivated to help the baby because they heard he didn’t have much money, but would have a lot do in his life. 


As they were flying along Spark thought he saw a flash of small light along the desert floor.  He made a quick turn, flew lower and then saw another quick flash of light.  He was curious, so he called out to Gwendela to stop.  The flock of dragons all followed Spark down to see what was cause that quick flash of light.  It wasn’t very bright, but fast, almost like a spark!  


As Spark and the other dragons landed they saw several small shadows huddled together around something.  ... group of orphans who were trying to start a fire. They needed warmth from a fire.  Spark, who has a great belly of fire, despite his smallness, lit a fire for them, and then choose to stay with them for a while until he could guide them to a safer place where adults could help them.


Gwendela, Pink, Ruji, Whimesy, and Douglas flew on into the sky to see Jesus the new baby in Bethlehem.


As they neared the mountains Ruji saw an a small animal running fast along the edge of  mountains, it quickly darted into a cave and disappeared.  Running along several feet behind, totally exhausted was a man.  He collapsed into the ground and lay panting.  Ruji called to Gwendela to wait up and she flew down to the man.  She slowly approached and asked if he needed help?  The man, who apparently was used to talking to dragons, gasped for air and said “Well, yes, I suppose I do.”  He looked down, as if he was ashamed, you see he was a terrible hunter, and his family was hungry. Ruji is a highly skilled hunter, offers to help him hunt so he can feed his wife and child.  She stays to teach him skills so he can take care of his family.


Back in Bethlehem, the sheep keep asking “Where are the dragons?”  They love dragons because they tell such good stories. 


Gwendela, Pink, Whimsey and Douglas are now flying low over the mountains dodging trees and scooting through canyons when Douglas here’s a loud yell.  He’s startled and calls out to Gwendela to slow up.  Douglas discovers a group of school children who are all misbehaving and their teacher is yelling at them to stop goofing off.  The teacher can’t control the class ... Douglas, who is a wonderful storyteller and knows a lot of history, offers to stay with them and help the teacher learn how to tell stories about history, science and what the future might look like if the kids learn to read.


Meanwhile, back in Bethlehem everyone is asking, ‘where are the dragons?’ Can you help me ask? "Where are the dragons?"


Now it’s Gwendela, Pink and Whimsey who are still headed toward the new baby boy.  Pink needs some water so they stop at a small lake for a break.  While they’re resting, they all hear a loud grunt and then the distinct sound of a bunch of rocks tumbling down the hillside.  They look up just in time to see rocks falling down right at them. They jump aside. Standing at the top is a young girl, hands on hips, and she is laughing.  All three dragons looked up in astonishment.  The young girl calls out to them “Hey there dragons, you’re looking rather lazy just sitting there.”  The soon learn the courageous girl has chosen to live on her own while her parents are traveling with her younger brother to get him medical help.  Pink and the girl bond and Pink chooses to stay to help her and keep her company.


Back in Bethlehem ... ‘where are the dragons?’


Now it’s just Gwendela and Whimsey flying toward Bethlehem.  Whimsey says to Gwendela, seems like there a lot of children and whole families that need help.  We dragons have a lot to offer.  Whimsey wants to help someone too.   


They fly on when Gwendela hears someone crying.  As she looks down she sees a small house with smoke coming out of its chimney.  She looks at Whimsey and they both fly lower and land in front of a beautiful house.  Peering inside the window they see a woman and man sitting at a table.  They are holding hands and quietly crying.  There is a big pile of tissue in the middle of the table. As they overhear their conversation, they learn the couple can’t have any children, they are lonely and really want to be parents.  Whimsey knows this home could be hers, so she chooses to stay and be their child.  The parents are delighted beyond joy. They have their very own dragon to take care of, no one else had a dragon in their whole town!  Whimsey was spoiled beyond measure.


Back in Bethlehem ... ‘where are the dragons?’


Gwendela flies on alone.  She is very close to Bethlehem which is good because she is very tired.  She slowly approaches the Inn where the invite said the baby would be.  And then see’s a group of people, shepherds and sheep crowded around the shed in the back.  As she heads toward the back of the Inn, she hears the sound of a baby gurgling and lots of laughter.  But the sound is not coming from in front of her in the shed. Instead the baby gurgling is coming from the a small tent off to her left.  She walks over there and see’s inside the tent there are two women sitting close together laughing as they both hold a small bundle in their arms.  Gwendela senses a great deal of happiness coming from inside this tent.  The laughter and the smiles of the two women is so contagious that Gwendela begins to smile and laugh despite her fatigue from the long journey.  


Slowly, she shuffles close to the tent and quietly taps her paw on the side.  The two women look up and smile even broader.  They welcome Gwendela in, but she is too big for the small tent.   They stand up and come out bearing their bundle close to their hearts.  Gwendela looks down and slowly they hold out their bundle so Gwendela can see what’s in it.  Gwendela see’s the most beautiful little girl she has ever seen in her life.  The girl smiles at Gwendela and reaches our a small fist, and grabs on to Gwendela’s nose. 


Gwendela chooses to stay for a while to help Ruth and Esther raise their baby girl.  The three of them curl and sleep on Gwendela’s warm belly that night, and many more to come. 


Far into the future, Gwendela, Pink, Ruji, Whimsey, Douglas and Spark, hang out together as a flock of dragons, remembering how they helped humans on that day and many other days and nights after. The humans have all died since that day, but the dragons are still around to help the youngest among us.

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