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Justice for All


Marching with UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick Gray in DC

My awesome staff

Meadville/Lombard's Beloved Conversations with my staff

Becoming Anti-racist Institution

It takes time and a deep commitment to eradicating white supremacy. Many small acts on a long journey of justice for all.

Public Witness

Ending gun violence rally in Alexandria.

Long march to equality

Gay Pride Parade in DC

A bus load of members

Rally and lobby day in Richmond for reducing gun violence.


Partner church and school in Khasi Hills, India

Szentharomsag, Romania

Partner church and village in Transylvania.

In Front of Congress

Rally for Poor People's Campaign in DC

Alexandria Courthouse

Same sex weddings allowed in Virginia!!

On the Mall

Earth Day rally in DC

It’s time for white people to listen, for risk taking, for conducting power analysis and for opening our eyes and recognizing the limitations in our lives.

We have to ask: How do our policies 

and agreements reinforce power imbalance and in so doing, further maintain white supremacy culture in an interpersonal and systemic fashion? How do we create covenants when we don’t have trust or relationships with each other?

I am honored to represent our faith and my church, thus living our values in all the places where the seeds of love need planting and transformation needs to happen.

What would it be like for people of color and Indigenous UUs to truly know their faith is doing everything to bring their lives into fullness, free of racist oppression, free to be their full self within our congregations and within the UUA?

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