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I use she/her/hers pronouns.  I am a cross-country woman: Born in California, grew up in Providence, RI, with our family base in Colorado. I’ve been Unitarian Universalist all my life, and in my ministry one way or another all my life.  I’m a double-UU PK, or preacher’s kid.  My father (deceased) was and my step-mother is a UU minister. They immersed me in ministry until my own calling arrived when I was 31, a big surprise to me but not to my family. 











I attended Starr King School for the Ministry for my Masters in Divinity, having already received my BA from the University of Denver in Communications, and an MA in Social Ecology from Goddard College in Vermont.  I received a Doctor of Ministry from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2016.


Prior to ministry, I worked as a journalist for the Boulder Daily Camera (local newspaper), briefly served in the Peace Corps and worked for Greenpeace in Boulder. It may be of interest that I’ve also held jobs as a motel manager, house cleaner and parking lot attendant. 


I was ordained at First Universalist Church, Denver, 1998.  I served as their Intern Minister and taught Coming of Age the following year while completing a full-year residency as a chaplain at a trauma hospital. 

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church

My first settlement was with the Meadville Unitarian Universalist Church in Pennsylvania for ten years. I moved to Virginia in 2008 to serve the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria. I live with my beloved husband Mark Gorman, who is a Pennsylvania native, and Yankee fan. We enjoy the company of two deeply loved Springer Spaniels. I have three adult step-children with two spouses connected to them, and three perfect grandchildren. 

UU Church, Meadville, PA

I am an outdoor enthusiast, frequently found hiking, skiing, sailing, biking and staring at the sky while thinking about nothing at all.  Books or something else to read are always at my fingertips. Favorite television shows are Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, The Umbrella Academy, most everything on BBC, and … this list is going to be too long.  Let’s talk! Favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Koyaanisqatsi, most of the Star Trek movies, Star Wars, Serenity, and … again, list is getting too long, let’s talk. My husband and I love watching movies.


In our broader UU movement, my experience with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association includes but is not limited to: Holding the Arrangements Portfolio for the UUMA Executive Committee; coordinating Arrangements and Program for CONVO ‘09 in Ottawa; serving as Treasurer for Ohio-Meadville UUMA; Good Officer for Chesapeake UUMA; serving on the Chesapeake Bay UUMA Annual Retreat Committee; serving on the UUMA Connect Coordinating Team. For our larger faith, I served as President of UU History and Heritage Society, and President of UU Women’s Heritage Society. I am a UUA Regional Transitions Coach, and previously served on the Central East Regional Advisory Council.

I have served as a mentor to new ministers, had the joy of three fabulous intern ministers, have two Affiliate Ministers and enjoy the membership of two retired ministers, all at Mount Vernon.  


In addition, I am currently serving as the Scribe for the Ministerial Conference at Berry Street, on behalf of the UUMA.  This essay series is offered every June, and features a UU minister. It is believed to be the longest running lecture series in the country.  We just celebrated the 200th anniversary.  I am contributing editor on a book about the series due to be published in June of 2021. You can read more about this historic event here.

Hosting the Ministerial Conference at Berry Street, 2020
Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay (sorry, not my boat)
Hiking in Colorado
Rory and Amy
Supporting a beloved mentee at promotion ceremony
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