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Hello! Thank you for spending time with me. 
I invite you to explore my words and images as a UU minister. I’ve served UU churches for over 24 years. 
Please listen to my sermons, watch videos, read my words, and peruse the images of my life. 

I'm proud to share a collaborative book project examining 200 years of the Ministerial Conference at Berry Street, the longest essay series in the U.S.

The book is a collection of reflections by UU colleagues on the essays that we have on record.  The reflections offer lessons learned and wisdom gained, some of which are painful, and many of which are deeply enriching. You can purchase the book through the UUA’s bookstore, it’s titled "The Through Line: 200 Years of the Berry Street Essay." 
It can be purchased here

Hope is harder than optimism, and requires daily maintenance, care and staying attuned.  Hope is not assumed, it is earned, developed and built out of hard work, a willingness to fail, strength to risk and be vulnerable, and a life-saving humility.
My job is to journey with you through the pain and the awful, gut wrenching doubt when we see that we don’t know what we are doing.
It is in the many experiences of love and joy that we are reminded of the big Why.  Why are we here, you and me, together? It is to love and express our gratitude.

Successful Parish Minister

Energized Community Leader

Respected by Colleagues

Strong Pastoral Care

This is where I get my hope: From those moments when we connect, in our pain, and in our anguish and in our mutuality.  Hope and joy are reborn in this profound act of trust.  This is a huge leap of faith. To know one another in our most vulnerable and to be loved anyway.

Justice for all

love For all

Compassion for all

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